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Bydlení a Chata Pod Ronovem
664 01 Babice n. Svitavou 210
Tel.: +420 603 453 791
E-mail: info@podronovem.cz


(c) Kontura Design

“Pod Ronovem:” inn, restaurant, and open air swimming pool with the entrepreneurial tradition starting in 1932.

The picturesque Pod Ronovem valley is located in a wooded area at the border of the Moravský Kras Nature Preserve. Unique features of the valley include the trout-filled Svitava River that winds through it and the impressive Ronov Hill. Both the valley and the hill are named after the Ronov castle dating back to the fourteenth century.

“Pod Ronovem” has been a popular vacation spot for many years. In the 1920’s a recreational complex providing activities to a wide range of visitors was built in the valley. The site boasted an open air swimming pool, inn, and restaurant. It continued to be an attraction for new and ever-returning guests until the beginning of World War II. After the war the buildings and surrounding property became state-owned. The site lost its recreational function and was neglected until the 1990’s.

We decided to renovate the site and make it again available to the public as a recreational establishment. After a challenging 5-year reconstruction the site has started to offer many of the original activities.

The inn was our primary focus and it was fully renovated and put into operation in 2005. It is open year-round and the maximum guest capacity is thirty-one.

The open-air swimming pool will be the last and the most difficult reconstruction. It involves not only a complete renovation of the decrepit pools but also a number of technological adjustments and the construction of supporting structures that were not part of the original setup. The current official rules require these changes and every move needs to be carefully documented, tested, and approved. An open-air swimming and a wading pool with amenities will be put into operation in 2014.

Pod Ronovem valley is frequented by people looking for recreation and serious sports, such as hiking, mountain biking, or fishing. The site is easily accessible by car or train because both the railway, Brno-Česká Třebová, and the main road, Brno-Adamov, go through the valley. There is a train stop called Babice nad Svitavou steps away from the swimming pools. The unusually convenient connection from Brno thus adds another attraction to “Pod Ronovem:” by train from the Brno main train station it takes only 15 minutes; by car from the Brno center it takes 25 minutes. Naturally, all the attractive places that the Moravsky Kras Nature Preserve offers are also easily accessible, on foot, by bike, by car, or using public transportation.

The renovated business “Pod Ronovem” is again becoming the right place to find entertainment, relaxation, and refreshments for everyone. In addition, it offers comfortable rooms to business travelers (Brno is internationally renowned for its trade fairs), tour groups, and families. Business travelers and tourists visiting Brno or tourists visiting Moravský Kras will find our inn comfortable and welcoming. Thirsty and hungry cyclists and hikers feel refreshed and energized after stopping in our restaurant.

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