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Bydlení a Chata Pod Ronovem
664 01 Babice n. Svitavou 210
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Further Suggestions

Alexander’s Looking Tower above Adamov

Alexander’s looking tower overlooks the Svitava river valley near Adamov. It was built it in 1888 by the members of the Austrian tourist club. To get to the looking tower from Ronov Inn follow a clearly marked trail (by foot or by bike). The breathtaking view of the valley will reward your climb. The distance from Ronov Inn is 5 km.

Brno Dam

Called "Prygl" by the locals, Brno dam and its environs belong to frequently visited places in every season of the year. Recreational activities include: visit to a nearby castle Veveří, fireworks festivities every summer, winter skating, summer boat rides, etc. The distance from Ronov Inn is 22 km.

Rájec nad Svitavou Castle

The castle is an architectural gem, only one example of its kind in Moravia. It includes an extensive naturally landscaped park. The distance from Ronov Inn is 22 km.


The town of Boskovice is a popular tourist destination. It boasts a beautiful castle, a historical Jewish neighborhood, castle greenhouse, parks. In addition it offers numerous cultural events, such as concerts, big summer theater and music festival, museums. The distance from Ronov Inn is 37 km.

Ronov Castle Ruins

A discernible relief of Ronov Castle with a few pieces of the original wall lies on shrubby hill near the road that connects towns of Adamov and Útěchov. The distance from Ronov Inn is 2 km

Špilberk Castle

Špilberk Castle has dominated the city of Brno that spreads below it for more than seven centuries. More than a hundred thousand visitors yearly view the museum expositions at Špilberk and the famous casemates. In the summer months Špilberk‘s courtyards come alive with cultural events, concerts, theater performances, and historical reenactments. Visitors can also enjoy a unique view of Brno from a platform. The distance from Ronov Inn is 15 km.

Mikuláš Koperník Planetarium

You will find the Mikuláš Koperník Planetarium near the city center; it is located in a picturesque park on Kraví hora. For these reasons, it has become an easily reachable and attractive visiting site for tourists, school trips, and individuals. The distance from Ronov Inn is 17 km.


Information site about the happenings in Blanensko region, local news.

Blansko Region

There are only several tourist locations in the Czech Republic that offer such a unique variety of historical, cultural, and technical monuments combined with natural beauty as the Blansko region and Moravian Karst. Come and see for yourselves the numerous points of interest and magnificent landscape of the Blansko region that invite for hikes and rambles in every season.

Panská Lícha Horseback Riding Facility

This horseback riding facility is located in the wooded area between two Brno neighborhoods, Lesná a Soběšice. It provides equestrian school and offers horseback riding instruction at all levels. The distance from Ronov Inn is 8 km.


Křtiny belongs to our oldest pilgrim sites. According to an old story Cyril and Methodius and their pupils baptized in the local valley. The ancient name of the place confirms this story: Vallis baptismi -- the Valley of Baptism – Křtiny. In Křtiny there is a unique Baroque church and the caslte of Křtiny. The distance from Ronov Inn is 14 km.

Hořice Ski Resort

Hořice Ski Resort is located near the city of Brno in the Blansko- Hořice region. There are two ski tows with regulated deceleration, which is especially valued by beginners. The upper ski tow, which is 320m long, offers skiing experience to advanced skiers while the lower ski tow, 200m long, provides perfect trail options for beginners. The resort provides professional slope-grooming and it uses latest modern technologies to produce artificial snow. The distance from Ronov In is 17 km.

Moravian Land Museum in Brno

Moravian Land Museum is the second largest and the second oldest museum institution in the Czech Republic. In collections it has over 6 million objects, which exemplify valuable material from natural and social sciences. Besides collection maintenance and scientific research the museum holds exhibitions, lectures, and field trips. Permanent expositions: Dietrichstein Palace, Biskupský Court, Palace of Noblewomen, Anthropos Pavilion, Mendelianum, Leoše Janáček Monument. The distance from Ronov Inn of all sites and exhibitions is up to 20 km.

František Foundry

The František Foundry is located near the Adamov-Olomučany(Křtiny) road, at Josefov settlement. It is the oldest foundry in Central Europe. A wood-coal crucible that is 10 meters high with the base 12 by 12 meters dominates the foundry. The František Foundry, along with the building that produced molds that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, restaurant Švýcárna, and several other buildings, was proclaimed a technological monument in 1971. It was the first protected technological monument in Czechoslovakia.

Two repaired crucibles and several so called ‘home’ crucibles that are used for experimental melting of iron are also part of the establishment. The František Foundry is open to public. A museum of ironworks is located in the building that was formerly used to produce molds. The distance from Ronov Inn is 8 km.

Vyškov ‘Aquapark’

Visitors to the indoor part of the ‘Aquapark’, which is not exposed to the elements and is open year-round, will especially appreciate the wide range of water fun activities that are offered on the surface of 300 square meters. They include massage benches, water fountains, water ‘mushroom’ for children, wading pool in the form of a castle, bubble beds, Jacuzzis, and two water slides, 44 meters and 90 meters long. Besides water entertainment and relaxation the ‘Aquapark’ features indoor and outdoor swimming pools for lap swimming. The distance from Ronov Inn is 35 km.

Cave Výpustek

Výpustek Cave is very close to our inn. It was first open to the public in the fall of 2007. It spreads directly under the village of Babice. The cave belongs to the most significant cave configurations of the Moravian Karst. The distance from Pod Ronovem Inn is 10km by car and 6 km by foot.

Křtiny Arboretum

is the oldest and the biggest arboretum in Moravian Karst. It is located near the Křtiny – Jedovnice road. The arboretum is spread on the surface of 23 ha; it includes meadows that surround the brook, wooded slopes, and a pond. There is 800 types of trees, of which over 200 include kinds, hybrids, and cultivations of the willow tree, which is one of the unique features of this collection. The distance from Ronov Inn is 17 km.

Jedovnice Ponds

The village of Jedovnice is located at the crossroads of Brno, Blansko, Vyškov, and Prostějov roads. It a well-known center of water recreation and water sports. Those who love water sports or fishing, and those who like to just relax by water will appreciate the range of activities that Olšovec pond offers, such as swimming, water sports, fishing, and recreation. Its surface area is 42 ha and it is 2.5 meters deep. There are 5 more ponds in the area. The distance from Ronov Inn is 24 km.

The City of Brno

Official pages of the city of Brno. The distance from Ronov Inn to the city center is 24 km.

Thermal Spa in Laa (Austria)

Immerse yourself in the world full of water, warmth, light, and music. Waterfalls, Jacuzzis, colorful light rays, and gentle underwater music will charm your senses. The distance from Ronov Inn is 75 km.

Brno Exhibitions and Fairs

Events that are held at the Brno fairgrounds. The distance from Ronov Inn is 19 km.

Cultural Activities in Brno

Theater and cinema programs, concerts, galleries, museums. The distance from Ronov Inn to the city center is 15 km.

Watersports and Other Activities in Blansko

include outdoor swimming pools, an amusement water park, indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, solarium, and fitness center. The distance from Ronov Inn is 10 km on a bike, 17 km by car.

‘Babí lom’ Looking Tower near Lelekovice

The looking tower lies at the top of ‘Babí lom’ quarry overlooking the village of Lelekovice. You can hike to the looking tower from the village of Lelekovice. Follow the red-marked trail. The looking tower is open to public.

The distance from Ronov Inn is 12 km.

‘Automotodrom’ Brno

Auto-racing circle track. The distance from Ronov Inn is 27 km.

Brno Transportation Authority

Public transportation in Brno. Includes street cars, electric buses, buses, and public transportation by ship on the Brno dam.

Tugendhat House, Brno

Famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe set the new standards of modern living by designing Tugendhat House. It belongs to the most fundamental works of modern architrcture. Since 2001 Tugendhat House is under the protection of UNESCO. The distance from Ronov Inn is 15 km.

The City of Brno

Web pages devoted to the city of Brno. The distance from Ronov Inn to the city center is 15 km.

Technological Museum in Brno

Technological Museum in Brno presents the development of science and technology in thirteen regular exhibits. The exhibits include a tower clock mechanism, historical stereoscope, historical vehicles, water engines, steam engines, and aerospace history. Furthermore, there are theme-based exhibits, such as “Iron Work”,” “Metal Casting,” and “Cutlery” and other exhibits and activities. The distance from Ronov Inn is 15 km.

New Castle near Adamov

New Castle is a very romantic and picturesque place. You can think for a while that you have been transported to the Middle Ages because of the original stage props that surround you. Follow the tourist trail that winds around the river starting in the town of Adamov. The distance from Ronov Inn is 7 km.

The Church in Vranov near Brno

Vranov near Brno is a popular Marian pilgrimage site. Its history reaches back to the 13th century. It is located in the beautiful countryside about 12 km north of Brno. This area used to be called ‘Moravian Switzerland’. Visit the local church and experience the view from its ramp. Both are unique, unforgettable experiences. The distance from Ronov Inn is 10 km.

Boskovice Western Town

The Western Town Boskovice Wild West is an amusement nature park. It is built on the site on a former sand quarry. This site recalls natural scenery of the most popular adventurous movies. The Wild West show is performed by the residents of Boskovice Western Town. The distance from Ronov Inn is 45 km.

Brno ZOO

Zoological garden in Brno. The distance from Ronov Inn is 20 km.